Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painting Letters

... on Place de Furstemberg. Please note the elegant stool!


  1. What a great shot you captured... His whole studio is on the back of his scooter and it looks as if there is an expandable (padded) ladder as well. The elegant stool to ensure a steady hand as he paints... and just look at the two little displays of graffiti on that drainpipe! Wonderfully full of details, Vreni!


  2. Delightful image. Thanks for Genie's observations I closely examined it and discovered so much. I am having so much fun looking at all your images. I have been to Paris only once for a week, living in an apartment with my wife. We lived like we do in the the near north side of Chicago. Saw a lot, but wandered about and shopped for food, flowers, etc like normal residents. It was a delight, and I hope to return soon.