Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Outdoor Gymnastics

Strolling through the streets of Paris during my last stay, I suddenly heard loud music and was curious about what was going on. I thought there might be a concert, but then I saw all those girls doing gymnastics ("La Gym Suédoise/Swedish fit" to be precise) in front of the Église Notre Dame des Victoires. I don´t think that open air gymnastics would be a big success in Vienna, but obviously in Paris it is rather popular.


  1. What a great shot! I have a photo of this church and could not remember the name. Merci for that as well! :)

  2. :-)
    Belle journée,


  3. Oh yes, open air gymnastics are becoming popular here. Or maybe it's the Gym Suedoise itself. I used to practice it, and it's fun !